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My Keto Journey…

January 1st, 2020 and I made my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Like that’s any different than every year and like every year it’s a struggle. By March of the same year COVID is causing Havoc for everyone. More importantly they say that often those who are being hospitalized and dying have diabetes. Guess what? I have diabetes and I am not letting this COVID get me. 

After doing much research I decide to try Keto to reverse my diabetes as recommended by Dr. Jason Fung. Luckily I found Ketotteria when they had a store in the Marché de L’Ouest. Saved me from learning how to be Keto overnight. Great meals and treats by the way!
Two years later I have reversed my diabetes and no longer take any medication.
Of course I will continue to be monitored but what an amazing feeling!

Johanne Piche


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