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About The Keto Diet

  • The goal is to eat low-carb foods like meat, fish, eggs, natural fats such as olive oil, vegetables, and some fruits namely, BERRIES! The foods that you must stay away from are wheat, starchy vegetables, processed foods and SUGAR!

  • Water, coffee, and tea are all zero carb drinks! 

  • This may be something you must face if you start the ketogenic diet. This is simply your body adapting to a diet that is low carb. Although symptoms can vary, some people may experience some severe ones like nausea, headache or irritability. Want the good news? The symptoms last no longer than 2 weeks!

    You can combat the flu by staying hydrated, replace electrolytes, make sure to sleep, and make sure you are eating enough fat.

    We suggest drinking some bone broth or pickle juice, which have been shown to fight against it.

  • You can measure your level of ketosis by urine strips, breath analyzers, and blood meters. Remember, KETOSIS is a normal state, which allows your body to continue functioning even if you eat few carbs. When you follow the KETO diet, the fat is converted in the liver to ketones, which are then released into the blood stream. Studies show this is great fuel for the brain.

  • There can be numerous reasons, but the two most common are: too much protein and too many carbs in your diet.

  • We suggest speaking to a medical professional before following this lifestyle.

  • This depends on a lot of factors. Some may shed the pounds within a few months; others can take up to a year. In whichever case, the weight, as well as the inches, will eventually come off! We encourage you not to give up and to stick with the process. If you did want to speed things up, there are ways to move it along. Join support groups on Facebook or a blog online, there is tons of information there to help you!

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